About seven years ago, I remember asking Yentl what was it with fixed gears. I couldn't really grasp with the concept. Things connect in a way that we can never predict. One or two years later, I found myself at Peèle & Yentl's house where they were having a garage sale, weeks before leaving to Miami.

I had only met Yentl briefly at some advertising planning events and didn't know that they were a couple. A friend whom I used to share a flat with, worked with him and took me there: "There are definitely going to be some nice stuff". That night I ended up buying Peèle's bicycle, a fixed gear, which was the first of many bicycles I had in São Paulo. It didn't last long, the frame was severely broken, becoming scrap parts in a couple of weeks. 

What did last about that night was the interest that I had created. They had such an intense surrounding and I've always heard such interesting stories about them. And then three or four years went by, I saw on his Instagram that they had moved back to Brazil and where living in Inhotim building a Shelter/Office. A couple more months passed and they were living in a farm. 

That was my hook. I messaged him out of the blue asking what he was up to and if he was in need of an assistant for a couple of days. He invited me to visit Lano Alto and what follows is the result of those days.